Primary + Secondary Colors

I came across this photograph of brightly colored doorways while I was looking through a photostream on Flickr. Both the vibrance and diversity of colors in the photo are the main things really stood out to me; the blue and red popped out instantly, and the orange only adds to the personality of the composition as a whole. This photo was taken in San Juan, PR.

Tertiary Colors

Yes, it’s another photo of a building. But the color jumped out at me, and I couldn’t pass it up. I love the color, because it’s not quite blue, but I wouldn’t categorize it as green either; it’s somewhere right in the middle. This was taken by photographer Leonel Martinez.

Complementary Pair

This is a rug that I have in my kitchen. When I bough it initially, I loved the simplicity of the color scheme, but I also liked how the placement of the colors on each other (e.g. the yellow on blue) made everything seem more vibrant.

Analogous Pair

This is a pillow I have on my couch. I loved it when I first saw it because of how all the colors work together, even though most of them are pretty close in value.


I stumbled across this piece created by Alexander Wells, a freelance illustrator, when I was looking through his blog. I think what drew me to it was how he used colors that are pretty monotone, but still managed to make the piece look dynamic and interesting. I also love how he used neutrals to make this girl’s face have such intense dimension.

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